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  • We Are Always In Relationship to Someone or Something

    After reviewing some of my blog’s entries I realized many of these entries do not directly address my title Can’t We All Just Get Along?” My blogs have addressed varied topics like, politics, LGBT issues, media, and even something on catholic nuns going rogue. I can either change my title or explain why I believe that in every aspect of life, we are in relationship to our work, our attitudes, our beliefs, our polities, our religious community and of course our fellow human beings.

    Let me provide an example. Many historians study the lives of presidents. These scholars work to examine the person inside the leader. They study a president’s early childhood, his* relationship with parents, and siblings. They consider his family’s socioeconomic condition, and the impact of religious upbringing. A president’s education and early adult life is explored, along with his choice of friends and life partner. From the scholar’s perspective and mine, all this matters because it give us a clue, as to why a particular president did what he did, made the decision he made and was successful or not during the time he served our country.

    I believe the same is true for us. If someone were to study you, and all that influences your life, it would become clearer, why you choose to live where you live, work in a certain field, choose the type of people to hang-out with for fun, romance and connection. People that take polls try to do this, but only we can really understand what makes us tick, and hopefully my blog can, on occasion, lend some new food for thought.

    For this reason, I will continue to consider this blog’s varied topics, ones that can help us to understand how and why we relate to all that we call our life and world.

    *I use the pronoun his since to date, we have not had any women presidents.

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