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  • The Unexamined Life

    Is it me or do you also feel saturated with the news of man’s inhumanity to wo/man across the globe?

    Are you ever overwhelmed by hearing about the atrocities in countries you never even knew existed ten years ago or about the excessive greed that has left us all vulnerable, individually and collectively?

    It’s not the exception any more but the rule of hearing about a new crazed dictator who is slaughtering his own citizens or our own citizens killing innocent victims. Its more information than most of us know what to do with. I ask myself, what can I do; pray, send money, volunteer somewhere—WHAT?!!!

    Maybe I can do all of those things but I decided on making a change I have more control over…myself.

    It may seem naive, too New Age, or simple but I think we all have the capacity to alter the collective unconscious of our planet. It would take much more of a philosophical discussion to explore the merits of this idea and more time than a blog is suppose to take to read. So I’ll just use that as my jumping off point.

    Injustice, large or small happens every day. It may be born out of fear, old injuries or need to control or to be in power. It may come from a desire for more pleasure, more money or more security. You and I fall into this trap, even when we don’t see it. We may want more money, more authority in our job, more decision making, or more beauty so we have more options to have more power so we can have more money to have more control over someone or something.

    Being aware of this is a start. Not following the dark side of where this can lead when it controls most of our actions is another step. Try recognizing when you steam roll over someone in order to win an argument, seizing the relational power rather than listening so you can understand and fairly resolve a problem. Take a look at how many times you talk about someone so maybe the other person you are chatting with will side with you. Consider how many times you exploit someone else for your gain. It may be the friend you only talk to when you need something. . .or maybe your parent or sibling. It may be the friends you acquire because they have money or status, but you don’t really like them but keep just in case.

    F. Scott Peck wrote a book, People of the Lie. I read it many years ago and thought of others who I knew who fit the criteria. Today I want to examine my own life. When am I dishonest with myself or others, where do I contribute to the universal psyche of lies?

    The 5th Century philosopher Socrates maintained that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” In today’s world, examining your life and becoming more conscious may make life worth living for all of us and like that the movement made by that pebble in the pond, ripple out to waters unseen.

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