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  • Can therapy work for me?

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    People consider therapy for different reasons. Some may find themselves in a life-changing transition, a family, medical or job crisis, or a developmental time in their life that calls them to become more conscious. All of these may require a different process, timeframe or approach to therapy. I am prepared to work with you, to help you consider your goals for the work of your therapy. I will work with you to help you to design your unique plan.

    You have heard people report their different experiences of their therapy. Some say, therapy changed their life, some report therapy doesn’t work. What is the difference for these two polar opposite experiences. One answer may be that people come to therapy with different expectations, different goals. It is important to sort that through at the beginning of your process. I will work with you during the first few session to help you identify your goals, expectation, and focus of the work you will do in therapy. It is true that “therapy” doesn’t work because it is the work you do in “therapy” that makes your experience work. It is the old adage, you get out of something what you put into it. This doesn’t leave the therapist out of the equation, but puts the therapist in the role of pointing you in the direction of where you say you want to go, and then offering up for your consideration, what is required of you to get there. The therapist does not do the work, or travel the landscape. The therapist offers the map, and you choose if you want to take the journey.